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Salem Menthol Zigaretten

Es scheint ein Fluch auf den Zigaretten-Werbemotiven aus den 70er Jahren zu lasten: Wie bei der Kampagne zu Marlboro Country drängt sich angesichts der zwei jungen Herren, die hier für Salem Menthol werben, der Gedanke an Brokeback Mountain geradezu auf. Das Thema wiederholt sich, diesmal wesentlich subtiler: Zwei junge Männer, attraktiv (Frisur), sportlich (Kanu), natürlich [...]

Marlboro Man is musing

Lonely wolf seeks lonely wolf for joint walks through the hills, for tending sheep and similar activities. It’s real hard to live in Marlboro Country, isn’t it? The ad guys just ask for too much. “You are Marlboro Man, then act the part, please.” “Asshole”, Marlboro Man is thinking and acting the part. But no [...]

Salem Menthol

Cigarette commercials of the 70s seem to be cursed: As happens with the Marlboro Country campaign, Brokeback Mountain comes into mind when one looks at the two young gentleman advertising Salem Menthol. The theme is repeating itself, but this time much more subtle: Two young men, good looking (hairstyle), active (canoe), natural (cigarettes?) and possibly [...]

Come to Marlboro Country

The evergreen among cigarette commercials is not missing in our collection: Cowboys, horses, countryside – freedom. According to Philip Morris, manufacturer of Marlboro cigarettes and owner of one of the most valuable brands, men’s paradise lies just behind the vending machine. Take your cigarettes, get on the horse and into the hills.
There is more than [...]

After Six: Tuxedo accessories

Die Erfinder des Smoking-Verleihs (Tuxedo rental): After Six
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