Marlboro Man is musing

Lonely wolf seeks lonely wolf for joint walks through the hills, for tending sheep and similar activities. It’s real hard to live in Marlboro Country, isn’t it? The ad guys just ask for too much. “You are Marlboro Man, then act the part, please.” “Asshole”, Marlboro Man is thinking and acting the part. But no matter where he sets his eyes, all he sees is: countryside. They really have lots of it – unlike Manhattan or Down Town Detroit. What is Marlboro Man thinking, when he looks like this? Perhaps:

Come to where the flavour is. Come to Marlboro Contry.
Come to where the flavor is. Come to Marlboro Contry.
  • „Hopefully that damm horse is not going to piss on me.“
  • „I hate horses.“
  • „The gras is always greener at home.“
  • „Wonder what kind of clouds these are. Cirrus? Cumulus?“
  • „Next summer I get a college degree and be done with this shit.“